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Flix Brewhouse

“Our goal is to ensure that we have a completely secured network, that all data is protected as it should be, and that the customer end user is able to complete their transactions and have their information secure.”

Matthew Baizer, Chief Operations Officer,
Flix Brewhouse


Flix Brewhouse is the first cinema dining experience with full service micro-brewing. It was launched on a shoestring budget and after great success the company launched multiple new locations. With expansion came a greater need to protect customers’ security and ensure Wifi coverage across all their facilities.

Flix used Fortinet WiFi access points to increase the speed of service and chose Fortinet’s firewall to make sure they had port level access through their entire cinema. Flix also used enterprise-grade security to protect their guests and third-party vendors. This technology elevated the customer experience and supported major growth.

Learn how Flix created a better customer experience in this video.    

Business Impact


Wi-Fi icon

WiFi access across all facilities

defense icon

Secure network that protects customer data

icon benefits management

Port level access control through entire facility for improved security

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