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Overview, Goals, and Scope


NetSecOPEN is the first industry organization focused on the creation of open and transparent network security performance testing standards adopted by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The certification of security product performance is typically conducted by independent testing laboratories that use proprietary testing methodologies.


Since the methodologies and test criteria differ from lab to lab, assuring fair evaluations of security products poses a challenge for enterprise buyers. NetSecOPEN was formed to bring transparency, consensus, and standardization for testing and to integrate real-world factors into the methodology.


  • FortiGate 500E (v6.06)

Key Principles

Independent Validation

Performance is validated in real-world network scenarios.

Open Standards

Open and transparent standards enable robust security product testing.

Increased Confidence

Customers gain confidence in their decisions and accelerate deployment times.


Access the Results

Click here to access the NetSecOPEN Certification for FortiGate 500E.