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Government Regulations


Overview, Goals, and Scope


The DoDIN APL is an acquisition decision support tool for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations interested in procuring equipment to support their missions. The DoDIN APL process results in a consolidated list of products that have met DoD cybersecurity and interoperation certification requirements.


The purpose of DoDIN APL compliance is to qualify eligible Fortinet products for sale to DoD organizations. Compliance is validated by DoD testing laboratories against Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), a standardized configuration methodology for the secure installation and maintenance of software and hardware.


  • FortiGate Suite with FortiOS 6.2.4
  • FortiProxy Secure Web Gateway version 1.0.5

Key Principles

Validated Security

  • Security effectiveness
  • Vulnerability tested
  • Measured performance

Federal Compliance

  • Auditing confidence
  • Meeting customer selection criteria

Investment Protection

  • Qualified acquisition decision
  • Assured value on products and services


Access the DoDIN Approved Products List