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Global MSSP Leverages Fortinet’s Open Security Fabric to Deliver Best-of-Breed Multi-Cloud, OT/IT, SIEM and Next-Gen Endpoint Solutions

Fabric-enabled Integration Between Endpoint and Network Security Solutions from Fortinet and SentinelOne Allow Infosec Partners to Provide Dynamic Security Offerings to Global Customer Base

Sunnyvale, California - 23/08/2018

John Maddison, senior vice president of products and solutions at Fortinet

“Through our Fabric-Ready Partner Program, Fortinet has brought together the industry’s top technology vendors to deliver pre-integrated, end-to-end offerings ready for deployment. Fabric-Ready Partners are a key part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, which enables Fortinet and alliance partners, like SentinelOne, to collaboratively integrate and provide end-to-end security. We’re pleased to work alongside global MSSP, Infosec Partners, and help them solve some of the industry’s toughest security challenges by providing a world-class portfolio of solutions and the flexibility and ease of integration they require.”

News Summary

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced that Infosec Partners, a managed security services provider, has chosen the Fortinet Security Fabric and Fabric-Ready Partner, SentinelOne, to address the unique security concerns of their global customer base.

  • Fortinet delivers some of the industry’s best cybersecurity solutions, while also enabling seamless integration with third parties thanks to Fortinet’s open Security Fabric and the Fabric-Ready Partner program.
  • A prime example of this ease of integration is shown in a joint solution incorporating SentinelOne’s endpoint protection platform, including automated endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, and Fortinet’s Security Fabric, enabling enterprises to gain the benefit of visibility, compliance control and automation.  
  • This ease of integration gives Infosec Partners the ability to offer its customers the right security solutions whether they have an existing network deployment with many vendors or want to refresh their security solutions.

Infosec Partners, a London-based managed security services provider, has a diverse customer base, many of which have complicated networks with a myriad of vendor solutions across on-premises and public and private cloud environments. As a result, Infosec Partners was faced with the challenge of accommodating their clients’ existing security products and a multitude of vendors -- no small task, which can lead to months of implementation when introducing a new solution. To address these issues, Infosec Partners chose the Fortinet Security Fabric, which leverages open APIs, and Fabric Connectors, allowing for tight integration with an almost infinite number of third-party products. This has allowed Infosec Partners to address the unique concerns of customers in sectors such as financial services, insurance, hospitality, media and retail, and quickly deliver solutions that work with existing investments, regardless of vendor. One solution deployed by Infosec Partners, which leverages Fortinet’s FortiSIEM, enables Infosec Partners to get customers fully operational in hours instead of months, dramatically minimizing an organizations' window of vulnerability.

Showcasing the ease of integration of Fortinet’s products, Infosec Partners has developed a powerful integrated solution known as FortiSecured. Mirroring the same easy-to-deploy and simple-to-manage philosophies of other Fortinet solutions, FortiSecured combines the strengths of several industry-leading solutions – including the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall, the FortiWeb Web Application Firewall and SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform – to create a highly elastic ‘instant on’ Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for their clients. Thanks to the openness of the Fortinet Security Fabric, Infosec Partners’ customers also have the option of leveraging the Fortinet FortiClient Fabric Agent, which is compatible with SentinelOne. FortiClient Fabric Agent provides risk-based endpoint visibility by sharing endpoint telemetry and vulnerabilities. This allows enterprises to apply and enforce security compliance across an organization to preempt exposure to security threats. Additionally, enhanced intelligence and forensic insights from Fortinet and SentinelOne are shared across the entire infrastructure in real-time to provide protection at every stage of the threat lifecycle.

Infosec Partners also specializes in IT/OT environments and has clients across a wide number of industries, including airports, power generators and distributors, and critical infrastructure assets, systems and networks. Traditionally, organizations have paid double to separately cover their IT and OT infrastructures. Leveraging an integrated solution from Fortinet and SentinelOne, Infosec Partners is able to provide unified protection of both environments with standardized security controls, helping customers significantly save on costs.

Supporting Quotes

“Fortinet continues to impress, delivering compelling cybersecurity solutions that address all phases of the threat lifecycle. At the same time, Fortinet’s technology is refreshingly open to integrating with other vendors such as SentinelOne, enabling us the flexibility to provide our customers with solutions that fit with their existing deployments. This ease of integration also allows us to deploy solutions quickly and easily – often in a matter of minutes instead of months. The flexibility and speed of implementation we can offer with the Fortinet Security Fabric and Fabric-Ready Partners is unrivalled. It’s rapidly becoming a game-changer for our business.”

-- Mark Oakton, founder and director of security, Infosec Partners

“We’re proud to be a Fortinet Fabric-Ready Partner, combining our industry-leading endpoint protection, detection and response with Fortinet’s Security Fabric to help customers get even more value from their security deployments. Thanks to Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Program and the open interfaces provided by the Security Fabric, Fortinet and SentinelOne partner to deliver unparalleled security across networked, cloud and mobile environments.”

-- Daniel Bernard, VP Business & Corporate Development, SentinelOne


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