Introducing FortiWebCloud

We’re happy to announce the expansion of our FortiWeb Web Application Firewall product line with a brand-new hosted cloud-based offering, FortiWebCloud. Like many other security products, you’re looking to vendors to offer multiple form factors to meet the needs of your changing environments.

In recent years cloud-based WAF services have quickly become a strategic investment required to protect smaller applications and ones that are dispersed across many different locations. You need an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-maintain solution that provides a streamlined set of WAF protections that don’t need the same level of configuration and management that a traditional on-premise WAF solution demands.

FortiWebCloud is a basic-WAF solution that delivers a subset of the functionality of our FortiWeb hardware and virtual appliances. You simply choose their anticipated average bandwidth and the number of sites you need for your applications.

Please contact us for more information.