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200 Reasons FortiOS 6.0 is the leading security operating system

Find out how FortiOS 6.0 helps solve today's most pressing security requirements brought on by digital transformation. You’ll get a chance to learn all about the extensive and innovative features that make this operating system second to none in the security industry. 

Battling the Cryptojacking Epidemic & Malware Mutations

Join our fourth installment of in-depth threat research where our security strategy expert walks you through the top trends, such as IoT botnets targeting System-on-Chip (SoC) devices, fileless malware and -cha-ching! - the mining of digital currency.

Securing Digital Business in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure and Fortinet

Join Microsoft and Fortinet cloud experts as they provide valuable insights into the expanding attack surface and how you can enable efficient, agile computing while leveraging integrated multi-cloud network security and visibility.

Keeping SIEM Simple and Actionable

Learn how to enable visibility across your entire IT environment, automate compliance reporting, plus identify and contain breaches more quickly—all with an easy to understand, simplified SIEM solution.

Meet Digital Enterprise Demands with the Latest Edge Security

Learn how to address always-evolving cyber threats, the ubiquity of encrypted traffic, and the shortage of security professionals with a smaller, but mightier edge firewall. 

Becoming a Visionary MSSP in the Era of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is an exciting time for MSSPs, shedding light on unimaginable opportunities. Watch this webinar to learn why obtaining visionary status will set you apart in the eyes of digital ambitious clients and increase your reputation to surpass the competition.

Stop Losing Sleep (or Money) Over a Potential Breach

Today's rapid evolution of threats can be truly frightening. Join this webinar to understand breach technology and the shift that is occurring beyond just detection.

The Impact of GDPR: Even if You're Not in the EU

While the new law doesn't include a lot of specifics on how to comply, it is clear that personal data needs to be safe at all times. Join the discussion of the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation and how to approach preparations.

Become an Application & Traffic Hero with Secure SD-WAN

Learn about the significant benefits of integrated security and network management in one solution plus the 6 most important things to consider when evaluating your SD-WAN options.

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Find out what you need to know about the phishing phenomenon: consequences, techniques, and how to fight back with one of our leading FortiGuard Labs security strategists, plus the significant role of the human factor.