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Healthcare requires adaptive, end-to-end network security

The healthcare industry is under attack for a reason.  Cybercriminals view it as a place that’s ripe for “big wins”, and the rising number of healthcare institutions falling victim to cyber attacks like ransomware shows they’re having success.  Today’s healthcare organizations are under pressure and need to think about ways to speed up and improve their security.  Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that address today’s borderless attack surface make it possible for healthcare institutions to be both secure and high-performing at the same time.

At HIMSS18, we invite you to meet Fortinet, a global leader in network security,  Connect with us in Las Vegas as we demonstrate how our integrated and collaborative Security Fabric can help turn the tide against attackers at a time when the success of a security, high performance network has never been more critical.


Stop by the Fortinet Booth #3210 and come see the best in network security

Meet our security experts and learn how our latest cybersecurity research and technology innovations can help address your network security requirements and transform the business of secure patient care.  Visit Fortinet and:

  • Meet our healthcare thought leaders, subject matter experts, and security strategists
  • Ensure network security across distributed medical offices and mobile clinical workers with Fortinet’s Connected UTM Solutions
  • Better protect connected medical devices and sensitive patient information with security intelligent network segmentation
  • Manage regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI while reducing complexity, increasing critical application availability, and enhancing IT management efficiency with FortiSIEM
  • Improve performance and protection with “CFO-friendly” network security solutions that fit the budget
  • Elevate threat visibility and protection for software-defined data centers
  • Experience the real-time FortiGuard Threat Map – a visual representation of the attacks that best-in-class FortiGates all over the world are detecting


Secure from the Start: Why Medical IoT Needs Protection Now

Date and Time: Friday, March 9, 12:00-1:00PM PST
Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center - Marcello 4401
Session ID:304


Healthcare organizations that don't learn how to operate in the new Digital Age, leveraging sensors and devices that make up Medical IoT, are not likely to survive. Each of these devices generates data that is collected, sorted, analyzed, stored, and examined somewhere - usually in or through the cloud. This data, and the new connected medical devices that create it, are changing how healthcare organizations are run and how clinicians assess, diagnose, treat, and interact with their patients. However, any device that can receive, collect, store or transmit data also has the potential to be compromised. How do healthcare organizations balance the value and risk of Medical IoT? Securely managing Medical IoT requires automated visibility and unified policies for sensors and devices and the data they generate; advanced detection enhanced with real-time threat intelligence; and centralized control that can automatically coordinate response.


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