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Fortinet solutions, including our award-winning FortiGate firewall platform, are powered by the security services developed by FortiGuard Labs. FortiGuard Labs consists of over 200 expert researchers and analysts around the world. The researchers work with world class, in-house developed tools and technology to discover and study breaking threats. They are always on the lookout for new tactics and techniques and are prepared to respond accordingly. They then update FortiGuard security services to protect against those threats. 

The threat research team has dedicated experts studying every critical area including malware, botnets, mobile, and zero-day vulnerabilities. These critical threat insights are shared through a portal dedicated to FortiGuard, and with our threat intelligence partners. Service analysts study malicious code and develop mitigation signatures while technology developers continually update security protection engines globally to combat evolving threats through FortiGuard services. 

FortiGuard Labs employs a mature machine learning and artificial intelligence program where we gather and analyze over one hundred billion security events every day that allow us to provide leading-edge detection and protection to our customers. 


New Threat Report Finds High-Value Targets at Risk

  • Ransomware attacks are being strategically deployed to target high-value accounts 
  • Cyber criminals are evolving and generating increasingly sophisticated coded attacks 
  • Threats are sharing the same infrastructure—nearly 60% of threats share the same domain

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FortiGuard Labs Zero-Day Program

FortiGuard Labs has a dedicated team of researchers who examine products and software applications looking for weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. Once found, our researchers work with the affected vendor to resolve the vulnerability to satisfaction. Following responsible disclosure, Fortinet does not report details of the found vulnerabilities until they are patched. Once our researchers find a vulnerability, they create an IPS signature that allows our customers to be protected against the vulnerability should it be exploited before a patch is released. So far the team has discovered over 600 vulnerabilities often affecting high impact, high usage, and high profile products and applications.

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Snapshot of the activities performed by FortiGuard Labs (based on Q4 2018):