FortiDDoS - IDC Analyst Connection

IDC Analyst Connection: DDoS Prevention: Time for Defense in Depth

In this research Q&A from IDC, John Grady, Research Manager, Security Products and Services discusses the latest trends in DDoS attacks and ways to mitigate against advanced application layer threats.

Topics Include:

  • Prevalent attack types today and what to expect in the future
  • Attack targets and new risks to these organizations
  • Recommended protection strategies
  • Pros and cons of different detection methods (signature vs. behavior-based)
  • The impacts of false-positive detections and ways to minimize disruptions

DDoS Attack Mitigation Appliances - FortiDDoS

Fortinet is the only company to use a 100% custom ASIC approach to its DDoS products and uses a 100% adaptive behavior based method to identify threats.


  • Unmatched DDoS detection and mitigation performance with less than 50 microsecond latency
  • Easy-to-deploy and manage with automatic learning tools and intuitive GUI
  • Lowest TCO compared to other hardware and service-based DDoS mitigation solutions
  • Best false-detection avoidance with sub-minute blocking and attack reevaluation