Advanced Security at Scale in the Public Cloud

Whether it’s for flexibility, dynamic deployment, or cost—the move to hybrid and public cloud services is well underway. The leading public cloud providers are moving to secure the infrastructure and assure customers that a shared virtual machine is as safe as it would be in their own datacenter.

In this regard, security becomes the critical enabler of application and service delivery in cloud environments. And there are two essential challenges for securing cloud infrastructure: scale and elasticity.

This report includes research from 1Gartner: Best Practices for Securing Workloads in Amazon Web Services

  • How Fortinet can enable cloud security to grow with your business through dynamic application security that automatically scales in conjunction with cloud compute resources
  • Best practices for securing workloads in Amazon Web Services, the most widely adopted cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider

Download the Advanced Security at Scale in the Public Cloud report to read the full results.

1Garter Research Note G00275221, Neil MacDonald, Greg Young 15 April 2015