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Secured Wired and Wireless for Small Businesses


A Natively-Integrated Approach to Secure Office Networking

Secure Office Networking

Driving Efficient and Secure Networking

By deploying Fortinet, security flows through your switches and wireless access points naturally. User and application data is continually inspected to ensure clean traffic and proper access is enforced across the business. With unified policies driven through the next-generation firewall (NGFW), consistent security and networking rules are maintained throughout and reduce troubleshooting while maximizing performance.

Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Find the Right Solution for Your Business

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6 Requirements of a Modern SD-Branch

6 Requirements of a Modern SD-Branch

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  • Maximum performance and ROI
  • Enterprise-grade security and NAC ingrained into the OS
  • Integrated SD-WAN and cloud management included


  • Multiple gigabit ports for highest speed and POE ready
  • Stackable to rapidly increase throughput and maintain simple management


  • Wi-Fi 6 and POE ready
  • Indoor and outdoor models with gigabit, multi-band, and multi-radio ability
  • Local-bridge, mesh, and tunnel SSID support
  • Included with the FortiGate NGFW
  • Manage multiple FortiGates, FortiSwitches, FortiAPs, and FortiExtenders from a single platform
  • Complete visibility over what’s happening on your network with customizable dashboards and actionable reports