Network Segmentation That Scales

Segment your network without fearing performance degradation

IDC Analyst Connection: Segmentation Firewalls

Network Segmentation that Scales

Organizations are adopting mobile computing, IOT, and multi-cloud to increase the digital connectedness of the organizations and help achieve business agility, scale and new methods of service delivery. As a result, networks are becoming increasingly borderless, multi-dimensional, and complex to control and secure.

Threat landscape, attacking techniques and speed at which threats are launched continue to evolve as well. For example, Cryptominers invade inside a corporate network and operate in stealth mode so they can go undetected, exfiltrate data and cause maximum damage.

Traditional edge security that was developed based on “outside-in” protection philosophy was neither designed nor sufficient to protect the ever-increasing attack surface resulting from the digitally connected multi-dimensional network that open many ways into an organization.

Internal networks were always built around “Trusted” philosophy and therefore were kept unprotected allowing malicious actors to use them to their advantage, once inside, an attacker can gain access to the entire network and channel the C&C via the non-security aware flat network of switches and routers.

Datacenters continue to go through transformation, virtualization has resulted in micro-segmentation and a spine-leaf architecture has paved the way for macro-segmentation. These architectures need to be fully protected using L7 security.

Organizations, that offer high performance applications, process credit card transactions, manage Personally Identifiable Information (PII) require a more innovative approach to perform strong access control across infrastructure security. They need to group and isolate data and applications from the rest of the assets to stay compliant with various regulatory standards like PCI, HIPPA and GDPR. Segmentation is the answer.

Segmentation is not new, but effective and scaled segmentation, that allows allocation of routing and advanced security services on a per-tenant basis, has not been possible without performance degradation.

Fortinet products and innovative technologies like Virtual Domains are designed to overcome these challenges by providing a highly scalable solution that converts a flat network into a high-scale multi-segment network that offers granular security control, multiple security operating domains and prevent the spread of internal and lateral attacks without performance degradation.

Fortinet scaled and high performance solutions like Virtual Domains also protect data center networks that are partitioned following micro and macro-segmentation approaches. 


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