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USB Passwordless Security Key

FortiToken 400: A driverless Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) security key for passwordless online login

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USB Security Key

In the age of digital business transformation, every identity and interaction on your network can lead to a security breach. Password-only authentication is not enough to secure any interaction. FIDO is a set of open standard user authentication protocols designed to enhance security and improve the user experience. FIDO authentication enables password-only logins to be replaced with secure and fast logins across company resources.

FortiToken 400 is a FIDO-certified USB security key that supports U2F and FIDO2 protocols. It is physically connected to the user computer to be used for multi-factor authentication or passwordless login when using online services. FortiToken 400 is compatible with Microsoft Azure (FIDO) server.


fido certified 2022


FortiToken 400 benefits include:

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Protection against phishing, all forms of password theft, and replay attacks

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Less need to remember or type passwords

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Lower operational costs with the reduction of password-related IT helpdesk support

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Protection of user privacy because FIDO crypto keys are unique for every service and cannot be used to track users across sites

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Native Integration with FortiAuthenticator using FIDO2 public-key cryptography to provide stronger authentication