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Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Platform

FortiMonitor Enables End-to-End User Experience Visibility

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Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Platform
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Organizations no longer own the infrastructure their traffic transverses, but they are still responsible for the end-to-end user experience. FortiMonitor helps organizations modernize their performance-monitoring tools into a comprehensive digital experience monitoring platform to gain end-to-end visibility into the overall user experience. It doesn’t matter where the user resides or where the application is hosted. 

FortiMonitor Overview Video

Learn how FortiMonitor empowers NetOps teams with end-to-end visibility into users’ digital experience. Get insights into analytics, plus automation across heterogeneous and distributed networks. This ensures user-to-application seamless interactions.

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Product Offerings

FortiMonitor is a SaaS-based subscription for all your network, infrastructure, cloud, container, and digital experience monitoring. Select the image below or the link for the features into Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. Additional services are also included across all bundles.

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FortiCare Technical Support and Services
FortiCare provides 24x7 support options to help keep your Fortinet deployment up and running smoothly. We also have services such as our Premium RMA options with 4-hour replacements, to make sure you’re covered in case of an extreme event.

24x7 Support

FortiCare Best Practice Services
Expedite your deployment and adoption of FortiMonitor with FortiCare Best Practice Services. This connects your teams with FortiMonitor experts to help with the planning, design, deployment, and optimization phases of your project.

Features and Benefits

Visibility Protection


Observe customer and employee digital experience with diagnostic data from user-to-application–no matter the network dependency.
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Correlate telemetry from: end-user devices, the network, and on-premises/cloud infrastructure, to the public or privately hosted application.


Respond effectively and collaboratively by bringing teams together with insights for NetOps, ITOps, help desk, and DevOps to remediate issues before they impact customers.

FortiMonitor News

Letter from Ken Xie (CEO) on Panopta Acquisition

The benefit for you - as customers accelerate their digital innovation initiatives, ensuring that their infrastructure has a 100 percent uptime with continuous networking and security services is key to ensure a successful business outcome and a seamless user experience