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Fortinet Managed IPS Rules
for AWS Network Firewall

Filter malicious traffic at the perimeter of your VPC with Fortinet Managed IPS rules powered by FortiGuard Labs

Free Trial through December 2021 - limited time offer!

Leverage the power of AWS Network Firewall with Fortinet Managed IPS Rules for AWS Network Firewall based on the latest threat information from FortiGuard Labs. FortiGuard Labs is one of the industry’s largest threat intelligence and research organizations. Its global team of threat hunters, researchers, analysts, engineers and data scientist use advanced artificial intelligence tools to ingest over 200 different information feeds and over 100 billion security events every day to generate the actionable intelligence you need to face an ever-evolving threat landscape. FortiGuard Labs provides multiple rule set options to address common use cases, such as:

Fortinet Rule Set
Application, Network, and IoT Vulnerabilities

Rules that detect attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in common applications, including desktop software, network hardware (e.g. routers), and IoT devices.

Malware Detection

Rules that detect communication attempts from malware backdoors, worms, and remote access trojans (RATs), including command and control traffic.

Server and Operating System Vulnerabilities

Rules that detect vulnerabilities in common server applications, including DNS, email, remote access, and operating systems.

Web Client Vulnerabilities

This ruleset detects exploits targeting vulnerabilities in web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, et al.

Web Application Vulnerabilities

This ruleset detects exploits targeting vulnerabilities in common web applications, including popular CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

Web Server Vulnerabilities

This ruleset detects exploits targeting web server vulnerabilities, including both web servers (e.g. Apache) and proxy web servers (e.g. Squid).

Try Fortinet Managed IPS Rules free through December 31, 2021.

Simply complete the registration form and Fortinet will make the rules available to your AWS account within 3 business days.

AWS Network Firewall may not be available in your preferred AWS Region immediately, in which case we will notify you when we are able to transfer the rules. Please check with AWS for latest availability.