Fortinet's Cyber Threat Assessment - For Once, Get What You Don't Pay For

You’ve invested in firewalls and endpoint protection. You’ve optimized and tweaked. Your content filters and AV are updated. Your email is locked down and you’re ready for whatever attackers might throw your way. Right? That’s what the targets of many of the recent headline-grabbing breaches would have said too.

Every organization can use an extra set of eyes - Audits should be a regular part of any security plan, but they can be expensive and time consuming.

Enter the Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment, a free evaluation of your existing security infrastructure that helps you:

  • Evaluate potential security risks from the edge to the endpoint and everywhere in between
  • Determine areas where security infrastructure is compromising performance and how to eliminate bottlenecks while still protecting your network
  • Find often overlooked vulnerabilities and learn about risks both within and outside your organization