Stopping Data Breaches: Show me the money

As security professionals we want to do our best to protect organizations from current cyber threats and the data breaches we constantly see making headlines. However we are also cognizant of budget realities and often get challenged to demonstrate a strong business case for the protective measures, like sandboxing, that we know will help.

In this webcast we explore 3 ways to make a strong business case for a much needed investment in an exciting new technology to combat the most sophisticated attacks:

  • Business Case #1: build a rationale business case comparing a reasonable estimated data breach cost (Verizon DBIR provides a great guide) against a reasonable sandbox investment
  • Business Case #2: beyond data loss, consider other impacts of a security incident as prioritized by industry executives that will resonate within your organization
  • Business Case #3: leverage a free evaluation/assessment to truly understand your specific risk level