UTM in Education

Universities, community colleges, and other institutions of higher education are known for their adoption of technology and openness to allow students and faculty to explore a wide variety of topics facilitating learning and research. Higher education institutions are struggling to build adaptive and cost-effective network infrastructures to support today's sophisticated styles of teaching and learning. MOOC's, extended campuses, the proliferation of video and Government requirements are stressing existing network infrastructures. IT has moved from a back office operation to foundation of education in America. The open environment, coupled with a young population, has led to an influx of devices that is not seen in any other vertical. Students bring with them not only smartphones, but gaming systems, laptops, tablets, blu-ray players and many other connected devices. While openness is a primary concern for higher education environments, security has often suffered as a result.

This paper will investigate many of the key challenges that universities and institutions of higher education face when attempting to secure their systems. We will discuss industry best practices designed to secure key systems such as databases and the network. Finally, this paper will discuss Fortinet’s unified approach to security, showing that UTM provides a cost-effective solution to increasing security for educational institutions.