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Major U.S. Professional Sports Team

Managed Solution Positions Sports Team for the Cybersecurity Win

“Because we have the FortiGate NGFW onsite and the Secure Cyber Defense team mitigating any issues that may arise, I am confident that they will keep our network secure, whatever may happen. I now have peace of mind.”

– IT Manager, Major U.S. Professional Sports Team


Professional sports franchises collect and analyze vast amounts of player and game-related data. Their sophisticated analytics bolsters the spectator experience and informs management decisions about which players to sign or trade. Coaches also tap into these systems to plan game strategies and identify injuries or other physical issues in opposing players.

To protect all this highly sensitive data—and to provide secure network services for other events at its venue—one U.S. sports franchise turned to Secure Cyber Defense. The Miamisburg, Ohio-based MSSP, which specializes in Fortinet network security and NOC/SOC technology, took on the responsibility of properly securing the wired and Wi-Fi networks in the franchise’s arena. This enabled the franchise to avoid security staffing costs and allowed existing IT staff to focus on providing other IT services.

Learn how Secure Cyber Defense leveraged Fortinet’s security-driven networking and operations solutions to help this major U.S. sports team and others like them in this case study.

Business Impact


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Offers IT leaders peace of mind by providing best-of-breed protection near the network edge

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Eliminates need for full-time cybersecurity management position, resulting in cost savings

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Facilitates better customer service from IT group, for both sports team and third-party events

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