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Fortinet performs certification testing on a variety of technology types including firewalls, web application firewalls, VPN, IPS and anti-malware as part of the ICSA Labs test programs.


ICSA Certified for Advanced Threat Defense

With data breaches continuing to make headlines, new product and solutions designed to detect and prevent the advanced attacks often at the root of these breaches have emerged. To help organizations assess the effectiveness of these new offerings, ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon (author or the annual Data Breach Investigations Report or DBIR), recently introduced a new independent, Advanced Threat Defense certification, and Email certification.


ICSA Certified for IPSEC with IKEv2 Criteria Version 3.1

The ICSA Labs IPSEC Product Certification Program has the objective to make available to the end user community an ever-increasing selection of IPSEC products that are interoperable and that provide the security services of authentication, data integrity, and confidentiality. The IPSEC Product Certification Criteria, Version 3.1 is based on the Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2), and IPSEC protocols.


ICSA Certified for SSL-TLS VPN

The ICSA Labs tests SSL-VPN solutions based on criteria developed by a consortium of SSL-TLS VPN vendors with input from analysts and customers. More specifically, ICSA Labs SSL-TLS VPN testing confirms that tested products properly implement TLS with strong cipher suite support, while providing certificate management and validation. Additionally, testing includes proper authentication and authorization, session control and secure operation in either a Reverse Web Proxy or Layer 3 VPN mode.


ICSA Certified for Firewall

ICSA Labs tests firewall products against its industry-approved set of testing criteria. Over time, this set of testing criteria became an industry standard. Testing requirements evolved with input from a consortium of firewall vendors, end users, and ICSA Labs.


ICSA Certified for Network Intrusion Prevention Systems

The ICSA Labs Network intrusion prevention system certification tests how well the security vendor’s product protects against exploits targeting known vulnerabilities. More specifically, ICSA Labs network IPS testing confirms that tested products block all attacks aimed at an evolving set of known vulnerabilities in enterprise software.


ICSA Certified for Web Application Firewall

In ICSA Labs Web Application Firewall (WAF) security certification testing, ICSA Labs determines through a mix of hands on and automated testing whether or not the security vendor’s product properly implements security policy enforcement for the protection of HTTP and HTTPS web-based applications. Products are commonly tested against the ICSA Labs Web Application Firewall Certification Criteria.