Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls Demonstrate Industry Best Security Value, Earn “Recommended” Rating In Latest NSS Labs Tests

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 23, 2014 – Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – a global leader in high-performance network security, today announced that the FortiGate-1500D and FortiGate-3600C demonstrated best value for performance, with the lowest price per protected Mbps of throughput in real-world comparative analysis conducted by third party testing firm NSS Labs. Both products exceeded all benchmarks, earning a “Recommended” rating from NSS Labs.

In comparative tests against other vendors’ products, both the FortiGate-1500D and FortiGate-3600C earned these designations for stability and reliability, application control, firewall policy enforcement, identity awareness, malware evasion detection, throughput performance and TCP connections.

An NSS Labs “Recommended” rating indicates that a product has exhibited strong performance and deserves serious consideration by end user customers. As an independent, third-party testing firm, NSS Labs reserves its “Recommended” rating for only the top technical products, regardless of vendor market share, size or marketing efforts.

“Our customers and partners are looking for high-performance, next-generation security that won’t slow down their business or break their budget. They also require robust, highly effective solutions in order to defend themselves from new crops of sophisticated attacks. In a market awash with hype, they look to third-party experts for vendor neutral guidance. NSS Labs sets the industry gold standard for testing the security, performance and overall value of enterprise-class next-generation firewalls,” said Tamir Hardof, vice president of product marketing for Fortinet. “As demonstrated by both our FortiGate-1500D and FortiGate-3600C, Fortinet FortiGate appliances continue to meet and exceed the high security standards set by NSS Labs, while delivering the best security value.”

NSS Labs “Recommends” FortiGate-1500D, FortiGate-3600C
NSS Labs found that the FortiGate-1500D and FortiGate-3600C successfully passed 100 percent of tests gauging stability and reliability, while detecting all anti-evasion techniques and enforcing all tested security policies related to Firewall Policy Enforcement, Application Security and user/group Identity Aware Policies.

“Integrating the FortiGate-1500D with the Active Directory implementation was simple and intuitive,” according to the NSS Labs report. “Testing verified that the FortiGate-1500D correctly enforced complex outbound and inbound policies consisting of multiple rules, objects, and applications. NSS engineers verified that the device successfully identified the users and groups and took the appropriate action based upon the firewall policy.”

NSS Labs found that in general, the high-performance FortiGate-3600C exceeded expectations for throughput performance. “The Fortinet FortiGate-3600C is rated by NSS at 17,050 Mbps, which is higher than the vendor claimed performance (Fortinet rates this device at 14,000 Mbps.),” according to the NSS Labs report.

“Independent, third-party tests are critical resources for partners in determining the reliability, performance capabilities, feature set and overall value of a product, which we can in turn leverage to help our customers make better informed decisions about their network security options,” said Ron Ben-Yishay, CEO of DynTek Services, Inc. “Fortinet has met these high industry standards with its FortiGate-1500D and FortiGate-3600C, demonstrating its continued commitment to the needs of its customers by balancing high-performance security with strong value- a hallmark for which all FortiGate appliances are known.”

In addition, NSS Labs’ analysis found that both solutions maintained high exploit block rates. The FortiGate-1500D successfully blocked 94.1 percent of exploits, including 97 percent of attacks against server applications and 91.8 percent of attacks against client applications. The FortiGate-3600C blocked 96.3 percent of exploits, including 98.3 percent of attacks against server applications, and 94.7 percent of attacks against client applications.

“We deployed next generation firewalls to better protect our intellectual property and employees, so the effectiveness of security technologies and the performance to run them in our production environment were key reasons we selected the FortiGate,” said Laz Corrales, director, Global Security Organization for Citrix. “Having evaluated many products as part of our selection process, we highly recommend to all enterprises before making a security selection that they consider real-world testing- testing themselves or with the help of credible third parties like NSS Labs.”

For more information, the full product analysis reports for the FortiGate-1500D, the FortiGate-3600C, and the Security Value Map, are available for download.

About the FortiGate-1500D
The FortiGate-1500D high-performance next generation firewall provides enterprises with unparalleled price/performance in a flexible appliance form factor to accommodate an array of deployment scenarios, including data center and campus edge.

The FortiGate-1500D achieves 80 Gbps of firewall throughput as well as 10 Gbps of next generation intrusion prevention and application control performance, representing a speed five times faster than competitive next-generation firewalls. The custom hardware incorporates the latest FortiASIC NP6 and CP8 content processors, which allow for accelerated content inspection and the ability to offload encryption/decryption. The solution is powered by FortiOS 5, the industry's most advanced network security operating system and foundation for all network security platforms.

About the FortiGate-3600C
The FortiGate-3600C next generation firewall offers exceptional performance and deployment flexibility, along with advanced security features, for the most demanding network environments. The 30 high speed ports and 60 Gbps of firewall/14 Gbps of next generation intrusion prevention throughput make the FortiGate-3600C ideal for high-traffic networks requiring excessive bandwidth.

The FortiGate-1500D and FortiGate-3600C as tested by NSS Labs are available now. To learn
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