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Yedpay Protects New Cloud Environment With Fortinet Security Fabric, Powering Business Growth

“Fortinet was the clear choice to help us move our workloads to a public cloud environment with Fortinet Security Fabric. Every component of the Security Fabric is fully integrated into the whole, and every part of the security architecture is visible via a single console that is user-friendly and easy to operate. With Fortinet, a cloud migration that would normally take a year took us only a month.”

– Alva Wong, Co-founder and Chief Information Security Officer, Yedpay


Connecting multitudes of Hong Kong taxi drivers, wet-market stallholders, and other traditionally disconnected small businesses, Yedpay’s e-commerce platform depends on performance at scale. When its on-premises network failed to deliver, Yedpay decided to move its platform to the cloud—and to protect it with the Fortinet Security Fabric. Working with Fortinet, Yedpay migrated quickly to the cloud, leveraging integrated Security Fabric components to protect all the edges of its data center and cloud networks, as well as the web applications running across them.

Learn how Yedpay’s small staff confidently stays on top of cybersecurity threats while allowing the e-commerce platform to flourish in this case study.

Business Impact


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Ability to keep pace with evolving cyberattacks and secure current offerings while expanding services and enabling business growth

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One-month migration to the cloud, which would have taken one year otherwise

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Reduced management and operational overhead

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