United Learning

"Using Fortinet and TNP for our security needs has not only provided us with greater control of our firewall configuration, but also with greater, easier understanding of the entire model. This is important to us, as our core focus is improving educational outcomes, not being security specialists! Using a provider who can easily and effectively communicate what we need to do and help us implement it, means we can be certain that students and staff alike are safe online and our data and systems are secure."

James Garnett, Deputy Director of Technology, United Learning


United Learning is a group with more than 70 academies and independent schools across the country with over 45,000 students. They provide a large number of schools in both public and private sectors, offering a broad education to make sure they can bring out “the best in everyone.”

United Learning focuses on ensuring their students and staff have adequate technology and support; however, the devices that connect to the school’s systems are vulnerable to attacks and can unknowingly introduce dangers onto the network. The most frequent attacks happen through email, affecting teachers and staff. Fortinet’s FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer provide United Learning continuous threat monitoring and protection, a centralized internet filter and logging option.

Learn how United Learning gained full coverage network security in this case study.

Business Impact


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Increased ability to secure the connections between schools as well as the outside world

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Added ability to do a layer 7 filtering on the firewall

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Met the needs of small primary schools to large secondary schools with a broad range of devices

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