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Ecuadorian University Securely Connects Its Sites and Optimizes Its Network With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

"Fortinet offered us a performance level that’s three times better than other brands. Moreover, we have been able to install more secure advanced technology with the same budget, giving us a complete security architecture."

– Victor Manuel Proaño, Network Administrator, UNIANDES


As a leading higher education institute in Ecuador, UNIANDES' main challenge was to provide security to its seven unprotected remote campuses. It was possible to threaten the main campus through these remote campuses, and indeed many of them were experiencing attacks including virus and malware threats. The university also had to secure the network to protect its online payment system and chose to rely on the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution supported by a FortiGate NGFW at each location, integrated with other Security Fabric solutions to deploy a high-performance communications infrastructure with end-to-end security. The institution analyzed several solutions on the market and chose Fortinet for its product functionality, cost, and comprehensive security approach.

Learn how easily UNIANDES deployed Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and how it is protecting its educative community in this case study.

Business Impact


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Centralized network management and analytics

Icon automation

Optimization of team and time resources for security management

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Increased network capabilities by prioritizing resource consumption

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Increased communication availability through optimized management of network providers


Enablement of teleworking capabilities in record time

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