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The Guidance Center

FortiSASE Secures Remote Employee’s Data and Long Beach’s Most Vulnerable Residents

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The Guidance Center is a non-profit mental health services provider helping underserved children in Long Beach, California. When the remote work environment further accelerated its transition to the cloud, it needed to address how to protect remote workers no longer working behind a firewall as well as comply with state compliance regulations that require encryption of patient data. The organization decided to deploy a secure access service edge (SASE) solution.

The Guidance Center deployed FortiClient endpoint protection on the laptop of each clinician and staff member. Whenever a user connects to a cloud application, his or her system establishes an encrypted tunnel to FortiSASE, which then establishes a secure https connection to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The FortiSASE solution performs its security inspections with no performance degradation to users. For the IT team, it is easier to manage and update since it resides in the cloud. Another key benefit includes the ability to easily segment users with different security policies. And, The Guidance Center is doing all this at half the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other solutions it considered.

"I know our environment is secure. I made our end users sign an agreement that they would not connect in public places. But even if they do, I am confident our remote users internet access is going to be secure even over public Wi-Fi with FortiSASE.”

– Ian Adduru, IT Director, The Guidance Center

Download Case Study

Business Impact

High performance and user experience while enabling enterprise grade security delivered from the cloud to remote users

Encryption of data in transit meets compliance requirements of California Department of Health Care Services

IT team and senior management have confidence they are effectively protecting the data of the community’s disadvantaged children


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