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Protecting Senior Citizens and Reducing Secure Networking Complexity

“We have had a lot of time savings. It has really helped impact our staff in a positive way—which is already a very lean staff—so giving them the tools that allow them to really be efficient with their work, and to keep our environment secure, has helped tremendously.”

– Andy Craig, Chief Innovation Officer, Maple Knoll Communities


A nearly 200-year-old company, Maple Knoll Communities provides living arrangements and healthcare for senior citizens in Cincinnati, Ohio. With this being a very vulnerable population, the company is responsible for keeping residents’ information and data safe. However, in its legacy security environment, it faced complexity managing many best of breed point products.

After success with FortiAP wireless access points, the company explored what other Fortinet solutions could seamlessly integrate into its environment with the goal of consolidating and reducing complexity. Today, Maple Knoll Communities benefits from both time and financial savings provided by the Fortinet Security Fabric approach to secure networking. It is now meeting its longer-term security goals of a zero-trust network access architecture as well.

Broad, Automated Security Fabric

“Adding additional Fortinet products into our environment and having that single Security Fabric really allows us to respond quickly to incidents, whereas before with the different siloed systems, they did not communicate with each other, so their intelligence was limited. But when we started migrating to the Fortinet suite, it really provided a lot of intelligence and automation to allow us to respond more quickly and to be more proactive.” – Andy Craig, Chief Innovation Officer, Maple Knoll Communities

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Business Impact


icon benefits reduce complicity

Time and financial savings from consolidating on one secure networking platform

Easy Set Up

Easier to onboard and train security staff when using a single pane of glass interface

Broad Integration

Faster response to security incidents with coordinated intelligence and automation of Security Fabric

icon wireless

ZTNA helps give the right protection to staff and residents without giving too much access

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