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Houston Eye Associates

Renowned Healthcare Practice Protects Patient Data and Reputation With Fortinet Solutions

“The first thing I chose Fortinet for was the performance, and there is no doubt about that. It has always performed well. The kind of icing on the cake was that their security, especially with FortiGuard watching over it, is really strong.”

– Tom Merkle, Chief Information Officer, Houston Eye Associates


Houston Eye Associates is an eyecare provider caring for patients across 22 offices and 46 surgeons. Following regulations and protecting patient data is a top priority. And so is maintaining its reputation—its doctors are known internationally among the top in their field. When system upgrades were necessary, it selected Fortinet to counter cyberthreats in real time with AI-powered, coordinated protection. It benefits from the flexibility to configure and manage each location centrally. With Fortinet, the healthcare provider has moved away from point products and experiences high-performance, secure networking in one converged solution.


Visibility, Performance, and Security

“FortiEDR has been really lightweight and I do not think anyone has noticed. Our system administrators have noticed though, because they have a lot more visibility into what is going on out there.” -- Tom Merkle, Chief Information Officer, Houston Eye Associates

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Business Impact


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Flexibility to centrally deploy and manage configurations for different locations

Visibility Protection

More visibility and valuable alerts for system administrators

icon benefits reduce complicity

Reduction of networking and security vendors

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Robust security with no compromise on performance

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