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Felgueiras City Council

Portuguese City Council Enhances Service Levels and Increases Operational Efficiency Through Digital Transformation

“It is like a small NOC and SOC rolled into one. We only have a relatively small team, but through FortiAnalyzer and its integration with the rest of the Fortinet solutions, we have been able to reduce time spent responding to user-reported issues by at least 75%. This means we can now focus on improving the services we deliver to the people of Felgueiras.”

– Hélio Sousa, CIO, Felgueiras City Council


The City of Felgueiras, Portugal, had suffered increasingly frequent outages and other disruptions to its digital services that were beginning to hinder the municipality’s plans for modernization. And over time, a hodgepodge of cybersecurity point products made security hard to manage and created gaps in protection. Therefore, the city council sought a unified cybersecurity mesh and networking solution that could be managed as a single unified system from a central console.

With the Fortinet Security Fabric to address these challenges, the city council now has a deep level of convergence between security and networking, allowing for faster detection and mitigation of cyberattacks. At the core of the council’s solution is the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall, which works together with Fortinet’s endpoint protection solution, wired and wireless LAN offerings, and automation-driven analytics. In addition to improved security and enhanced customer service, the city council benefits from increased operational efficiency, having reduced its user support burden by 75%.

Read how the Felgueiras City Council effectively modernized its cybersecurity and networking infrastructure in this case study.

Business Impact


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Increased data protection for the community and council staff through improved security

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Enhanced customer service levels across the municipality

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Increased operational efficiency by reducing user support burden by 75%

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