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Corporación Autónoma Regional (CAR) of Cundinamarca

Environmental Authority in Colombia Secures Its Network Infrastructure With Fortinet Solutions

“The scalability of Fortinet solutions gives me the confidence to grow without inconvenience, prioritizing the largest or most vulnerable sites.”

Luis Adolfo Romero, Head of the Information and Communication Technologies Office, CAR


Corporación Autónoma Regional (CAR) of Cundinamarca is the local office of the main environmental authority in Colombia. To carry out its mission, it collects and analyzes a plethora of data. To support this effort, it needed to upgrade its data center and branch networks. CAR also needed to improve its cybersecurity posture—including closing some critical security gaps.

With cybersecurity as a priority, Fortinet’s solution offered peace of mind to the environmental authority. The solution is based on FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) protecting the data center and all incoming network traffic from CAR’s 14 offices. In addition, FortiGate NGFWs protect other critical infrastructure in the authority’s network. CAR can also segment the network, which simplifies connection management and routes traffic for optimum security. A variety of other Fortinet Security Fabric solutions round out the deployment.

With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area networking) enabled, CAR replaced multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) links in favor of other redundant WAN links to improve connectivity, which is central to how its 2,500 users conduct business operations. Overall, the authority benefits from real-time network monitoring and automated reporting and analysis, enabling instant decision making.

Learn how this environmental authority improves its cybersecurity posture and benefits from a scalable, integrated networking platform in this case study.

Business Impact



Real-time network monitoring, enabling instant decision making

Icon automation

Real-time, automated reporting and analysis


Solution scalability by having an integrated Fortinet platform

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High availability of network connection for 14 remote sites

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