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People and Communities

Fortinet Culture – A commitment to Openness, Teamwork, and Innovation

People and Communities

We are committed, hardworking, and passionate about building the most successful cybersecurity company worldwide. We recognize our people and their contributions to fulfil this mission. This is reflected in our company core values of:


Sharing knowledge and information collaboratively and transparently, with respect to one’s thoughts and opinions.   


Working collaboratively to build high morale and group commitment for solving challenging and complex problems. 


The development of original ideas and solutions, and finding new and better ways to deliver excellence.

We demonstrate our commitment to environmentally responsible behavior by reducing the footprint of our products, adhering to compliance and regulations worldwide, and adopting responsible approaches to our daily business operations.

Energy Management

Years of dedicated innovation and the development of the industry’s only security-focused processors have allowed Fortinet to integrate multiple security and networking functions into a single, energy-efficient platform, resulting in less power, space, and cooling usage. In addition, Fortinet’s family of proprietary secure processor units (SPUs) are built for power and efficiency. 

Fortinet produces the most energy-efficient appliances in the industry, helping our customers and partners reduce their environmental footprint. Our advanced security solutions consume as much as 3X fewer resources than traditional appliances, helping lower the environmental impact of data centers, which consume around 2% of all energy worldwide.

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Product Design & Life Cycle Management

When it comes to our products, environmental sustainability is our priority at the design stage as well as throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our products comply with globally recognized product environmental compliance directives and regulations including RoHS, REACH, Packaging Directive, and the U.S. SEC Conflict Mineral Law.

Fortinet is working with its Contract Manufacturers to eliminate PVC from Product Packaging.

In regards to compliance with the WEEE directive, Fortinet requires its distributors and resellers worldwide to perform environmental-friendly, WEEE-compliant collection of disposed products at no charge to the user.

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Supply Chain Management

Fortinet is very selective with its main Contract Manufacturers, requiring them to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and have their own ESG policies and reporting standards in place.

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Environmentally Low Impact Business

From an operations standpoint, we are committed to driving an environmentally low impact business.

Fortinet works with supply chain and logistics service providers that are committed to ensuring the application and enforcement of environmental policies that are aimed at reducing air emissions and pollutions by promoting the use of clean fuels, transportation network optimization, and by investing in fuel-saving technologies.

With local RMA depots over 20 countries and central regional depots in North America, Europe, and Asia, Fortinet reduces transportation-related emissions by minimizing shipping distances while consolidating shipments, collecting defective products at centralized locations, performing local repairs, and recycling defective units in compliance with local regulations.

Our current corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, harnesses natural energy with large solar panels installed in the parking lot to reduce energy usage, with drought resistant landscaping, a silica rooftop to reduce heat, LED bulbs, and auto power-down after-hours. Fortinet’s headquarters expansion is based onto a 172,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building with a LEED Gold Energy Efficiency Rating.

Fortinet also incentivizes employees at its headquarters to reduce their environmental footprint by providing onsite EV Charging Stations based on solar power, preferred parking spaces for sustainable energy vehicles, mobile fueling for all employees, and installed bike racks.

Office recycling programs - such as E-Waste, Paper & Cardboard, a Food Scrap Program, and a battery recycling collection program - are also in place at company locations.


As the world transitions to a digital economy, it is essential that individuals and organizations have the technology and skills they need to reduce digital risks, combat cybercrime, and protect intellectual property and individual privacy. This is Fortinet’s duty to address those issues by driving sustainability by cybersecurity.

More than half of the world’s population is now online, and almost the entire world population lives in an area covered by a mobile network. While this progress provides unprecedented opportunity, these advances have also been a catalyst for the growth of cybercrime—which may threaten the welfare of our global digital economy. As a leader in its space, Fortinet is committed to advancing cybersecurity through innovation, expertise, research, and cooperation:

icon security platform

Fortinet offers the broadest, most integrated, and automated security platform in the industry, leading through innovation and issued patents. Our innovative solutions have been engineered to provide the highest security performance and smallest footprint, delivering the best sustainable value to our customers and partners.

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Fortinet NSE Training Institute

The NSE (Network Security Expert) suite of cybersecurity training programs and modules range from introductory programs for novices to advanced certifications for cybersecurity professionals, many of them being available free of charge. With several hundreds of thousands members and certifications delivered, NSE is one of the most recognized and successful cybersecurity training programs in the industry. For the second year running, the NSE Training Institute’s Certification Program has won the “Professional Certification Program of the Year” award from CyberSecurity Breakthrough.

icon fortiguard lab
Fortinet’s global threat intelligence and research team, FortiGuard Labs, drives malware research around the world. It is supported by an advanced AI threat intelligence system that gathers and correlates data from millions of nodes and hundreds of threat feeds to identify threat patterns and evolution.
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Fortinet partners with international agencies such as NATO and Interpol to protect businesses, governments, and individuals and help identify and eliminate cybercriminal organizations. We are also part of the World Economic Forum’s Working Group called Partnership against Cybercrime which promotes public-private collaboration in the fight against cybercrime.
icon cybersecurity

As a founding member, Fortinet holds a permanent seat on the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity, where we are focused on working towards solutions to the world’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges, including continuing efforts to close the cybersecurity skills gap, and share bold ideas that will create the global impact needed to secure the future. One of the initiatives is the Cybersecurity Learning Hub, resulting from the partnership between Fortinet, Salesforce and the WEF.


icon cyber threat alliance

We are a founding member of the Cyber Threat Alliance, a consortium of security vendors dedicated to sharing critical threat intelligence to raise the level of security for all organizations worldwide.

Our technologies provide compliance-based tools that enable organizations to adhere to and manage new and emerging data privacy laws, such as the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, New York’s SHIELD Act, and others.


Fortinet engages in a continuous improvement of corporate governance policies and practices through the monitoring of trends and the review of inputs from our stockholders and other stakeholders. This process allows Fortinet’s Governance Committee to evaluate best governance practices for our company and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Governance Structure

  • Board of Directors: the majority of the members of Fortinet’s Board of Directors are independent directors. Our Board is more diverse than most of our peers’ Boards with over 50% diversity in under-represented groups and a third of our directors are female.
  • Fortinet’s Board of Directors, on its own initiative, de-staggered its Board so, instead of three-year terms, each director has a one-year term and regularly comes up for assessment as to performance and election
  • Compensation: The Fortinet Human Resources Committee provides oversight of Fortinet’s compensation policies, plans and benefits programs, and overall compensation philosophy. For details, please read the Human Resources Charter
  • Governance Committee Charter
  • Social Responsibility Committee Charter
  • Stockholder Communications Policy
  • Audit Committee Charter
  • Shareholder consultation: in July 2020, on its own initiative, the Board amended its Bylaws to allow shareholders to call special meetings of shareholders for inputs as to how to improve its governance.
  • Fortinet’s CSR Committee Charter


Business Ethics

Fortinet is committed to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law.

Information Security

Fortinet is committed to providing security and privacy to its customers. For more details on our use of data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Diversity and Inclusion

Fortinet is building an inclusive and diverse workplace that rewards collaboration and innovation and empowers all individuals to reach their full potential.

  • Diverse Talent: We strive for an inclusive and diverse company, and that starts with our hiring. Building a robust diverse workforce takes dedication. We are focused on recruiting, developing, and retaining high-performing innovative talent with diverse backgrounds. Our focus on diversity is reflected throughout the organization, starting at the highest level. Fortinet is actually among the TOP25 Tech Companies with the most gender diverse boards.

  • Inclusion Culture: Fortinet is committed to a culture of inclusion and equality, where employees feel welcome and a sense of belonging. We build awareness about diversity and inclusion using educational tools and resources across functions and geographies, including our Diversity and Inclusion report.

  • Fair Pay: We are committed to providing fair and equitable pay to our employees. We are taking necessary steps to ensure pay parity and an ongoing focus area for us.

Community Engagement 

Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all, and improve living standards. We are committed to supporting global communities in driving education and addressing the growing cybersecurity skills gap. Our academies, training programs, and certification centers located around the world train thousands of individuals a year, from students in secondary schools and colleges, to adults looking for a new career path, to cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their skills.


Fortinet Security Academy

The Security Academy program supports over 300 academic institutions around the world (Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, and Non-profits/NGO’s). Fortinet's industry-recognized certification curriculum provides Security Academy students with the opportunity to become part of an elite group of cybersecurity professionals, as well as creating a cybersecurity-aware population of technology users and consumers.


Fortinet Veterans Program

In North America and the United Kingdom, our Veterans program, dedicated to military veterans, is focused on ensuring that families transitioning to civilian life have the skills they need to find meaningful and fulfilling occupations as cybersecurity professionals. Fortinet ranks among the 'Best for Vets: Employers' of MilitaryTimes in the United States for 2020.


Charitable Giving

At Fortinet, we are committed to extending our reach with our community. We have a charitable matching program that helps our employees contribute to giving back. We extend social responsibility via donations and by fostering ways to positively impact the community through education and cybersecurity knowledge sharing. In addition, Fortinet’s philanthropic foundation provides further support to qualifying charities and events, such as providing additional matching funds for the recent COVID-19 crisis.