We are committed, hardworking, and passionate about building the most successful cybersecurity company worldwide. We recognize our people and their contributions to fulfil this mission. This is reflected in our company core values of:


Sharing knowledge and information collaboratively and transparently, with respect to one’s thoughts and opinions.   


Working collaboratively to build high morale and group commitment for solving challenging and complex problems. 


The development of original ideas and solutions, and finding new and better ways to deliver excellence.

Diversity and Inclusion

Fortinet is building an inclusive and diverse workplace that rewards collaboration and innovation and empowers all individuals to reach their full potential.

  • Diverse Talent: We strive for an inclusive and diverse company, and that starts with our hiring. Building a robust diverse workforce takes dedication. We are focused on recruiting, developing, and retaining high-performing innovative talent with diverse backgrounds. Our focus on diversity is reflected throughout the organization, starting at the highest level. Fortinet is actually among the TOP25 Tech Companies with the most gender diverse boards.

  • Inclusion Culture: Fortinet is committed to a culture of inclusion and equality, where employees feel welcome and a sense of belonging. We build awareness about diversity and inclusion, using educational tools and resources across functions and geographies.

  • Fair Pay: We are committed to providing fair and equitable pay to our employees. We are taking necessary steps to ensure pay parity and an ongoing focus area for us.

Community Engagement 

Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all, and improve living standards. We are committed to supporting global communities in driving education and addressing the growing cybersecurity skills gap. Our academies, training programs, and certification centers located around the world train thousands of individuals a year, from students in secondary schools and colleges, to adults looking for a new career path, to cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their skills.


Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA)

The FNSA program supports over 300 academic institutions around the world (Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, and Non-profits/NGO’s). Fortinet's industry-recognized certification curriculum provides FNSA students with the opportunity to become part of an elite group of cybersecurity professionals, as well as creating a cybersecurity-aware population of technology users and consumers. 


Fortinet FortiVet Program

In North America and the United Kingdom, our FortiVet program, dedicated to military veterans, is focused on ensuring that families transitioning to civilian life have the skills they need to find meaningful and fulfilling occupations as cybersecurity professionals.


Charitable Giving

At Fortinet, we are committed to extending our reach with our community. We have a charitable matching program that helps our employees contribute to giving back. We extend social responsibility via donations and by fostering ways to positively impact the community through education and cybersecurity knowledge sharing. In addition, Fortinet’s philanthropic foundation provides further support to qualifying charities and events, such as providing additional matching funds for the recent COVID-19 crisis.