Fortinet engages in a continuous improvement of corporate governance policies and practices through the monitoring of trends and the review of inputs from our stockholders and other stakeholders. This process allows Fortinet’s Governance Committee to evaluate best governance practices for our company and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Governance Structure

  • Board of Directors: the majority of the members of Fortinet’s Board of Directors are independent directors The racial, cultural, and gender diversity of the company’s Board of Directors reflects its commitment to an inclusive workforce.
  • Fortinet’s Board of Directors, on its own initiative, de-staggered its Board so, instead of three-year terms, each director has a one-year term and regularly comes up for assessment as to performance and election
  • Compensation: The Fortinet Human Resources Committee provides oversight of Fortinet’s compensation policies, plans and benefits programs, and overall compensation philosophy. For details, please read the Human Resources Charter
  • Fortinet’s Governance Committee Charter
  • Fortinet’s Stockholder Communications Policy
  • Fortinet’s Audit Committee Charter
  • Shareholder consultation: in July 2020, on its own initiative, the Board amended its Bylaws to allow shareholders to call special meetings of shareholders for inputs as to how to improve its governance.

Business Ethics

Fortinet is committed to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law.

Information Security

Fortinet is committed to providing security and privacy to its customers. For more details on our use of data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.