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To stay ahead of a rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt security architecture and operations that enable a comprehensive and measured approach to cybersecurity. Fortinet offers Cybersecurity Advisory & Consulting Services to partner with business leaders, helping them discover, align and guide their organizations through this ever-changing environment.

Fortinet experts discover existing posture elements through a vendor-agnostic approach, align findings to business goals, guide current projects, and plan future roadmap towards security maturity.

These collective tasks and outcomes empower organizations to achieve a holistic security architecture resilient enough to withstand continuous change in the threat landscape. 



Why Fortinet?

The #1 global cybersecurity company

with more than 20 years of experience in protecting assets, detecting malicious actors, and mitigating threats  

The author of the Security Fabric

a broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity framework that weaves together all facets of operational and functional security 

FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Research and Response organization

leverages tested artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to remain on the cutting edge of threat intelligence

Advisory Team Proficiency

award gartner 2020 300h

Solutions Expertise

  • Over 400K customer deployments to leverage
  • 40+ products and solutions in Fortinet’s portfolio
  • Cross-functional team of experts covering the entire spectrum of the security landscape
  • Domain Expertise
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Domain Expertise

  • Multi-Cloud 
  • Endpoint Security - EDR 
  • Infrastructure & Edge 
  • Identity Management 
  • Zero-Trust Network Access
  • Security Operations


How do we help your digital stewardship?

Fortinet has the capabilities to help secure your critical assets!

Cybersecurity Alignment
Cybersecurity Alignment Successful cybersecurity programs establish initiatives that align strategically and operationally with business goals. Our Architects overlay the Security Fabric Framework onto Industry-leading security frameworks with their in-depth experience to help discover, analyse and align strategic security objectives.

End-to-end Security Architecture: Security is only as strong as your weakest link, Fortinet applies its decades of leading innovation to design architectures that identify vulnerabilities, integrate security controls, and mitigate threats.

Growth-focused: In today’s rapidly evolving ecosystem, resilience has become a necessary component as organizations require foundational business continuity in an ever-changing landscape, to secure business transactions, follow compliance, protect assets, and allow the necessary agility in the modern Digital Economy.