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Cloud Security Advisory & Consulting Services

To stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt a cloud security architecture and operations that include a comprehensive and measured approach to cybersecurity. Fortinet Cloud Security Advisory & Consulting Services partners with business leaders to help them discover, align, and guide their organizations through the cloud enablement journey. Fortinet experts use a vendor-agnostic approach to discover existing posture elements, align findings to business goals, guide current projects, and plan a future roadmap toward deep native cloud security integration. These collective tasks and outcomes empower organizations to achieve a holistic security architecture across private and public cloud environments, resilient enough to withstand the continuous changes in the threat landscape.

AWS MarketPlace

When securing AWS environments, the framework of shared responsibility puts the burden of security in the cloud on the user. Fortinet Security Consulting can help by providing a comprehensive security assessment of your AWS environment.

  • Fortinet Cloud Security Consulting delivers design, architecture, automation, and implementation services for dynamic, highly available, and scalable network (FortiGate) and application security (FortiWeb) in AWS.
  • Provides architecture and implementation guidance for AWS Networking, such as FortiGate integration with AWS Transit Gateway, and AWS autoscaling groups to protect traffic in all directions.
  • Delivers security assessment of AWS deployments with recommended steps to improve security posture.

Azure MarketPlace

Fortinet, the winner of Microsoft's 2020 commercial Marketplace partner of the year, provides Security Consulting Services for Azure, with a comprehensive security assessment of your Azure environment and integration with native Azure offerings.

  • Fortinet Cloud Security Consulting delivers design, architecture, automation, and implementation services for dynamic, highly available, and scalable network Inspection (FortiGate) and Web Application Firewall (FortiWeb) in Azure.
  • Fortinet Cloud Security Consulting delivers design, architecture, automation, and implementation services for VPN, SD-WAN, and remote access.
  • Log Analytics integration with Azure Sentinel.
Google Cloud

Google Cloud MarketPlace

Fortinet Cloud Security Consulting for Google Cloud provides consistent, best-in-class enterprise security to Google Cloud-based environments. We integrate Fortinet security functionality into Google Cloud, leveraging unique offerings of Google Cloud, like Anthos, to provide an end-to-end security solution.

  • Simplify security management with Fortinet across Google Cloud and on-premises data centres.
  • Leverage Fortinet Cloud Security Services for scalable and multi-layer secure connectivity.
  • Integration with Anthos.


Fortinet provides security consulting services to adopt containers with confidence, extending Fortinet security to Kubernetes.

  • Extend firewalls to Kubernetes across multi-cloud environments.
  • Training and workshops on Kubernetes security best practices.
  • Partnership with Tigera to provide best-of-breed solutions across the Kubernetes ecosystem.

FortiGuard Services

Another service that Fortinet provides is FortiGuard Pentest Team, which offers a remote vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service to companies that want to expose existing security shortfalls in their network.

The service conducts technical tests on an organization’s assets that typically involve both automated and manual assessments.


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Cloud Security Alignment
Successful cybersecurity programs establish initiatives that align strategically and operationally with business goals. Our cloud architects overlay the Security Fabric framework onto industry-leading security frameworks with their in-depth experience to help discover, analyze, and align strategic security objectives.

End-to-end Security Architecture
Security is only as strong as your weakest link. Fortinet applies its decades of leading innovation to design architectures that identify vulnerabilities, integrate security controls, and mitigate threats across your environments.

In today's rapidly evolving ecosystem, resilience has become a necessary component as organizations require foundational business continuity in an ever-changing landscape to secure business transactions, follow compliance, protect assets, and enable the agility needed for modern digital economy.