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IoT Service

Simplifying operations and reducing IoT attack surface

fortiguard iot

IoT Service Diagram

The IoT service helps customers significantly reduce their attack surface by enabling the Fortinet Security Fabric to automatically discover and segment IoT devices based on FortiGuard intelligence, and enforce appropriate policies against them. With this service, FortiGates can query FortiGuard servers to obtain information about unknown devices and then act accordingly based on policy.

IoT devices detected can be automatically assigned to NAC VLANs, thereby reducing the complexity and work required to managed IoT devices within customer environments.  Additionally, the Security Fabric can now also detect voice traffic and devices.



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Simplified network and security operations to manage and control IoT devices

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Requires FortiOS 6.4 on FortiGates

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Intuitive workflows

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Part of FortiGuard 360 and Enterprise bundles and can be purchased individually