FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle

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Enterprise Protection Bundle

FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle Overview

Today’s threat landscape is complex and dynamic. The sheer volume, velocity, and sophistication of threats are constantly increasing. New cyber threats emerge every minute of every day. Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics and techniques to evade detection. Organizations must be constantly prepared to defend against something new at all times. FortiGuard Labs provides security services and bundles to protect and defend against this evolving and advanced threat landscape.

Our Enterprise Bundle consolidates all the cyber security services you need to protect and defend against all the cyber-attack channels from the endpoint to the cloud, including IoT devices, providing you the integrated defense to tackle today’s advanced threats. Including the technologies needed to address today's challenging risk, compliance, management, and visibility and Operational Security (OT) concerns.

The Enterprise Bundle is the most comprehensive package of security solutions on the market today, providing those critical services to protect you from cyber threats today AND tomorrow.

Fortinet's cybersecurity solutions are based on a very mature machine learning and artificial intelligence program where we analyze well over 100 billion files every day. We have proven success and it all cumulates into the services in our Enterprise Bundle. Our Enterprise Bundle is unmatched in the industry. All these services are available for a very cost-effective package. Leveraging the Enterprise Bundle meets your cyber security needs. 

Fortinet’s Enterprise Bundle includes the following protection, detection, prevention technologies, and support:

  • NGFW Application Control
  • Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)
  • Antivirus
  • Botnet Security
  • IP/Domain Reputation
  • Mobile Security Services
  • Web Filtering
  • Antispam
  • FortiSandbox Cloud
  • Virus Outbreak Protection Services (VOS)
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)
  • Security Rating
  • Industrial Security Service
  • FortiCare Support

FortiGuard Security Services for Enterprise Bundle

Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Protection combines our award winning Antivirus service with our FortiSandbox Cloud service into one offering, providing robust core protection capabilities against today's sophisticated attacks, providing protection against known threats and unknown threats.

This new service offering includes the following services: Antivirus, Botnet IP/Domain Security, Mobile Security, FortiSandbox Cloud, Virus Outbreak Protection, and Content Disarm & Reconstruction.

FG Antivirus


FortiGuard 反病毒服务可抵御最新病毒、间谍软件及其他内容级威胁。它使用行业领先的高级检测引擎来防止不断演进的新威胁侵袭您的网络并访问重要内容。

FG AntiSpam


FortiGuard Antispam(反垃圾邮件)可提供一种全面且多层次的方法对组织处理的垃圾邮件进行检测、过滤。双路径检测技术可以显著地减少边界垃圾邮件数量,给您一个无与伦比的邮件攻击控制与感染控制体验。

FG Application Control


通过实时、全面了解用户正在运行的应用,轻松实施可接受的使用策略,从而提高安全性,并满足合规要求。借助 FortiGuard 应用控制服务,您可以快速创建策略,以允许、拒绝或限制对应用或整个应用类别的访问。

Product Category Thumb SS security audit


内容消除与重建 (CDR) 能够实时清除文件中的所有“活动”内容,并生成干净的文件。所有“活动”内容均被视为可疑内容,并予以删除。CDR 将处理所有传入文件,对其进行解构,并删除所有不符合防火墙策略的元素。

icon sandbox cloud

FortiCloud 沙箱

FortiCloud 沙箱服务是一款高级威胁检测解决方案,可执行动态分析,以识别以前未知的恶意软件。FortiCloud 沙箱生成的可执行情报将应用到您网络内的预防控制系统中,从而消除威胁。

FG Industrial control systems


FortiGuard Industrial Security Service(工业安全服务)会持续更新签名,以识别和监控大多数常见的 ICS/SCADA (监控和数据采集)协议,以实现精细可见化和精细控制。另外还对主要 ICS 制造商的应用和设备提供漏洞保护。

FG Intrusion Prevention



FG AntiBotnet

IP 信誉和反僵尸网络

FortiGuard IP 信誉服务能够从威胁传感器、CERT、MITRE、合作友商及其他全球来源组成的 Fortinet 分布式网络中聚合恶意源 IP 数据,这些信息来源将协同提供有关恶意数据源的最新威胁情报。从分布式网络网关获取的近乎实时的情报与 FortiGuard 实验室提供的一流研究成果相结合,可确保组织安全无虞,并助力主动拦截攻击。

FG Mobile Security


Fortinet 的移动安全服务能有效防御以移动设备为目标的最新威胁。它采用行业领先的高级检测引擎来阻止不断变化的新威胁在您的网络中获得据点、访问网络中宝贵的信息。

FG security rating


安全审计更新服务旨在引导客户设计、实现并持续维护适合其组织的目标 Security Fabric 安全架构安全状态。Security Fabric 安全架构从根本上是构建于最佳安全实践之上,通过运行这些审计检查,安全团队将能够识别 Security Fabric 安全架构设置中的关键漏洞和配置弱点,并实施最佳实践建议。

Product Category Thumb SS virus outbreak


FortiGuard 病毒爆发防护服务 (VOS) 通过 FortiCloud 沙箱分析填补了杀毒更新之间的空白,可检测并阻止在特征库更新期间发现的恶意软件威胁,以免波及整个组织。操作系统将启动对我们全球威胁情报数据库的实时查阅。

FG Web Filtering



FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle Solution Brief

FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle Solution Brief

Enterprise Protection Bundle

Enterprise Protection Bundle

Comprehensive Security With the FortiGate Enterprise Protection Bundle

Fortinet Enterprise Bundle

Fortinet Enterprise Bundle

Proactive, Actionable Risk Management with the Fortinet Security Rating Service

Proactive, Actionable Risk Management with the Fortinet Security Rating Service

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