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FortiGuard Inline CASB Service

Ensures safe access to cloud resources

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Fortinet’s dual-mode cloud access security broker (CASB) solution provides security, scalability, and performance using both inline and API-based CASBs. FortiGuard Inline CASB is part of the FortiSASE and Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, offering cloud-delivered security to managed and unmanaged devices.

API-based CASB

  • Agentless deployment
  • Integration with applications using API connector
  • Visibility for BYOD and unmanaged locations/devices
  • Data at rest can be scanned with CASB engine
  • Included with SASE and ZTNA license offerings
Inline CASB
  • Part of our ZTNA and SASE solutions
  • CASB control from managed and unmanaged locations
  • FortiClient performs posture assessment, visibility, and protection for cloud applications
  • Data in motion can be scanned with CASB engine


Licensing Made Simple

  • A FortiClient ZTNA license includes both inline CASB and API-based CASB (FortiCASB).
  • FortiSASE includes a license for FortiCASB.

Fortinet CASB Use Cases

Featured Cloud Integrations

Office 365 Salesforce Google Drive Webex Box