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FortiGuard Security Subscriptions

FortiGuard Labs is the threat intelligence and research organization at Fortinet. FortiGuard’s certified and proven security protection provides comprehensive security services, updates, and protection for the full range of Fortinet’s Security Fabric solutions. Leveraging seasoned artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, our teams analyze over 100 billion security events per day, giving us an unprecedented perspective of the threat landscape. Our global team of researchers work tirelessly around the clock to protect and defend against the evolving threat landscape. Realize the power of protection with FortiGuard Labs. 


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Up-to-the minute threat intelligence in real time to stop the latest threats

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Insight into threats anywhere in the world through a global network of more than three million sensors

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Fast and comprehensive intelligence via automated and advanced analytics (such as machine learning) being applied to cross-discipline information

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High fidelity with mature and rigorous back-end processes

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Prevention of exploitation of new avenues of attack with proactive threat research

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Top-rated effectiveness achieved through the commitment to independent, real-world testing


Explore how Fortinet can help you protect your organization and achieve a security-driven network for:


Network Security




Secure Web Gateway

Cloud Security

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Application Security


Web Application Firewall

Application Delivery

Endpoint Security


Advanced Threats & Analytics

Management & Analytics




FortiGuard’s leading global insights, intelligence, and artificial intelligence (AI) security protect customer from advanced and new, breaking threats in real-time across the Fortinet Security Fabric. FortiGuard Security Services can help customer stop in-flight threats, eliminate attacks from common entry points, proactively prevent and detect breaches, and secure their expanded attack surfaces. Here are just some of the ways we help protect our customers:


FG Application Control


可对您的用户正在运行的应用程序获得无可比拟的实时可见性,并轻松执行您可接受的使用策略,从而提供安全性并满足合规要求。通过 FortiGuard 应用控制,您可以快速创建策略来允许、拒绝或限制对应用程序或整个类别的应用程序的访问。

FG Antivirus



Product Category Thumb SS security audit

Content Disarm & Reconstruction

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) strips all active content from files in real-time, creating a flat sanitized file. All active content is treated as suspect and removed. CDR processes all incoming files, deconstructs them, and removes all elements that do not match firewall policies.

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FortiSandbox 云

FortiSandbox 云服务是一个高级威胁检测解决方案,能够执行动态分析来提前识别未知的恶意软件。FortiSandbox 云生成的可执行威胁情报会反馈到防火墙网络安全策略配置中,进行威胁阻断。

FG Industrial control systems


FortiGuard Industrial Security Service(工业安全服务)会持续更新签名,以识别和监控大多数常见的 ICS/SCADA (监控和数据采集)协议,以实现精细可见化和精细控制。另外还对主要 ICS 制造商的应用和设备提供漏洞保护。

FG Intrusion Prevention



FG security rating


安全审计更新服务旨在引导客户设计、实现并持续维护适合其组织的目标 Security Fabric 安全架构安全状态。Security Fabric 安全架构从根本上是构建于最佳安全实践之上,通过运行这些审计检查,安全团队将能够识别 Security Fabric 安全架构设置中的关键漏洞和配置弱点,并实施最佳实践建议。

Product Category Thumb SS virus outbreak

Virus Outbreak Protection Service

FortiGuard Virus Outbreak Protection Service (VOS) closes the gap between antivirus updates with FortiCloud Sandbox analysis to detect and stop malware threats discovered between signature updates before they can spread throughout an organization. OS initiates a real-time look-up to our Global Threat Intelligence database.

FG Web App

Web Application Security

FortiGuard Web Application Security uses information based on the latest application vulnerabilities, bots, suspicious URL patterns and data-type patterns, and specialized heuristic detection engines, to ensure your web applications remain safe from application-layer threats.

FortiGuard Service Bundles for FortiGate

Fortinet offers a wide-range of security services that deliver AI-driven, award-winning protection across the Fortinet Security Fabric. With Fortinet, customers gain the confidence of knowing they are protected against today’s evolving threat landscape and sophisticated threats backed by FortiGuard Labs.

We also know that complexity is a major challenge that customers face when trying to implement an effective security strategy. To help our customers realize the full benefits of a security-driven network, we also offer complementary operational services to simplify security for our customers.

Our bundles are designed to help customers readily improve security posture, reduce cyber risk, simplify operations and management, and address challenges with compliance and policy enforcement. To ensure business continuity, all of our bundles include 24x7 FortiCare support services. 

360 Protection Bundle 
The 360 Protection Bundle provides the most comprehensive level of security and operational services available to help organizations of all sizes manage complexity in their networks while delivering full protection across the entire attack surface. This includes Secure SD-WAN capabilities and upgraded FortiCare support for faster resolution and even greater business continuity.

Enterprise Protection Bundle
Enterprise Protection Bundle consolidates the broad protection needed to protect and defend against all cyber-attack channels from the endpoint to the cloud. It includes the technologies needed to address today’s challenging OT, risk, compliance, and management concerns.

Unified Threat Protection Bundle
Unified Threat Protection Bundle (UTM) extends threat protection across the entire digital attack surface, providing industry-leading defense against sophisticated attacks. The UTM bundle adds coverage for web and email-based attacks.


Threat Protection Bundle 
Advanced Threat Protection Bundle provides the foundational antivirus, intrusion prevention, and application control security technologies needed to protect and defend against known and unknown cyber threats.


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