Small Business Firewall and SD-WAN

Integrated next-generation firewall and SD-WAN ensure businesses achieve optimal network performance and strong security to protect against new and old attacks

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Integrated Firewall and SD-WAN for Small Businesses

As users interact with data in new ways across multiple devices and cloud-based applications, businesses can quickly become exposed to attacks and theft if left unprotected. Ensure users are performing their best while keeping them safe by combining industry leading next-generation firewall (NGFW) technology with SD-WAN from Fortinet.

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Small Business SD-WAN Security

Learn how Fortinet protects your network and enables expansion with integrated SD-WAN capabilities. 

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Key Benefits for Your Business

Security Consolidated

Combine multiple security solutions and SD-WAN into a single device

Management Simplified

Cloud-based management enables configuration, analytics, and visibility across the FortiGate and connected devices

Better Experiences for Less

Integrated SD-WAN offers application steering, cost savings, and performance

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Effortless Conversion

Quickly migrate policies and minimize costs

360° Protection

Comprehensive security and support

FortiGate Models

Multiple variations ensure the right fit

Find the right solution for your small business

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  • Wireless Access Point
  • Switch