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Secure Office Networking

Gain fast, secure connectivity around the office and to the cloud with tightly integrated networking components for superior performance, visibility, and control

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Integrated to Maximize Simplicity and Security

Secure Office Networking from Fortinet streamlines your network without sacrificing the security, performance or functionality you need to grow. Minimize workarounds and troubleshooting with Next-Generation Firewall and SD-WAN, switches and access points built to work together from the beginning and managed from the cloud.

  • Centralize and consolidate management across NGFW, SD-WAN, switching, wireless access points, and Wi-Fi extenders through a single, cloud-managed pane of glass at no additional cost.
  • Immediately gain visibility and secure new users and devices as they come online anywhere your employees call an office
  • Understand who is doing what, with what, from where to drive stronger, more effective and agile policies to protect the business without getting in the way of progress
How to Solve Top Challenges

Find the Right Solution for Your Small Business

  • Next-Generation Firewall
  • Wireless Access Point
  • Switch

Products Built Together, Work Better Together

Leading price-to-performance, plus easy-to-manage security protect your business and your wallet from cyberattacks.
Unified policies streamline troubleshooting, deployment, and security without sacrificing performance or usability.
Consolidate security across web, content, and device protection with coordinated, proactive threat intelligence.
Boost your network performance and control costs with SD-WAN built directly into the firewall at no additional cost.
Ensure the highest levels of performance, stability, and security with multiple VPN options ready for ZTNA frameworks.
Simplify deployment and oversight with ample visibility, logging, and reporting across individual or entire MSP environments.


How to Simplify Security in SMB

How to Simplify Security in SMB

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Case Study

Wired and Wireless – Top Challenges and How to Solve Them

Wired and Wireless – Top Challenges and How to Solve Them

What to Consider When Purchasing a Firewall­

What to Consider When Purchasing a Firewall­

A Modern Approach to Network and Security

A Modern Approach to Network and Security

Small Business Firewall Buyer's Guide

Small Business Firewall Buyer's Guide




  • 非统一标准化的出口,导致网络结构的复杂,管理的复杂,维护成本的提高
  • 传统的组网方式​,无法灵活按需的调整流量走向,没有充足利用网络带宽​
  • 缺乏安全防护​,容易被外部以及内部攻破,缺乏安全可视化,无法及时应对威胁
  • 有限的预算​,无法支撑同时购买SD-WAN设备以及各种网络安全设备的成本
SD-WAN Networking

SD-WAN 组网包含:​

  • 电信POP节点:北京,上海,广州,深圳,苏州,沈阳,武汉,杭州​
  • 客户分支:20个节点覆盖全国各地​
  • 数据中心:上海DC​
  • 公有云:天翼,AWS,阿里云​



  • Fortinet SD-WAN:同时提供了SD-WAN网络和安全防护,降低了整体投入成本
  • 设备性能:FortiGate交付业界最好的IPSEC VPN功能和性能
  • 可扩展统一管理:减少配置复杂性,零接触部署,统一配置下发