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Small Business Network
Firewalls and SD-WAN

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Protect your business from cyberattacks like ransomware and credential theft and streamline operations with Fortinet’s industry leading, next-generation firewall and SD-WAN device, the Fortinet FortiGate - available on-premise, and virtually in the cloud. Consolidate and centralize management, overseeing and controlling switches, access points and WiFi extenders from the cloud at no additional cost with a security-driven networking approach that delivers enterprise level security even on a tight budget without sacrificing critical performance and functionality your business needs to grow.



FortiGate 200F image200F


FortiGate 100F image 100F


FortiGate 80F image 80F


FortiGate 60F image 60F


FortiGate 40F image 40F

Gigabit Interfaces  

26 x 1 GbE

4 x 10 GbE


26 x 1 GbE

2 x 10 GbE


10 x 1 GbE


10 x 1 GbE


5 x 1 GbE

Integrated WiFi    
Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Product Selector
The Essential Small Business Firewall Buyer's Guide

The Essential Small Business Firewall Buyer's Guide


Features and Benefits

Centralized Cloud Management

  • Take action with rich reporting and analytics of network traffic, user activity, and threats
  • Oversee multiple FortiGates regardless of form factor, FortiSwitches, and FortiAPs from a single platform
  • Off-network VPN and ZTNA with web and content filtering enforcement

VPN and Zero-Trust

  • IPsec VPN enables fast, stable, and secure access for remote employees
  • Ensure compliance and strengthen security with zero-trust policies that verify only authorized users, devices, and applications are accessing data
  • Enforce identity and access management with natively integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) options

Built-in SD-WAN

  • Orchestrate consistent network and security policies and achieve operational efficiencies through automation
  • Get consistent performance with self-healing networks, sub-second failover, and real-time traffic steering
  • Onboard new locations fast with zero-touch deployment and provisioning

Curious About Making the Move to the Cloud?

Adaptive multi-cloud security with AI-powered advanced threat protection.
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Threat Protection Services

Make sure your security knows a threat when it sees one, no matter how advanced and sneaky it is. FortiGuard Security Services apply the latest in threat intelligence to your data and automatically share new information across the Fortinet Security Fabric to keep you safe from new attacks and entryways.