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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Explained

Protect networks with IoT deployments

Network Access Control (NAC) In the Era of IoT and BYOD

Protect networks with IoT deployments

IoT devices are being deployed into networks at a phenomenal rate, up to 1 million devices each day.  While these devices are enabling new and exciting ways to improve efficiency, flexibility, and productivity, they also bring a new risk to the network.   Frequently designed without security, IoT devices have become a new threat vector for bad actors to use when launching attacks.  We have already seen several attacks leveraging these distributed, seemingly innocent devices. 

To provide protection in the age of IoT, network operators need to have the tools and skills to:

  • See and profile every device on the network, to understand what IoT devices are being deployed
  • Control access to the network, both connecting to the network and determining where devices can access
  • Monitor the devices on the network to ensure that they are not compromised and to take automatic and immediate action if they are

Fortinet provides these capabilities through our network access control product FortiNAC.  Fully integrated into the Security Fabric, FortiNAC delivers the visibility, control, and automated response needed to provide security in a world of IoT devices. Secure IoT Devices with FortiNAC


FortiNAC delivers to provide security in a world of IoT devices



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