FortiSandbox Cloud

Advanced threat detection simplified and deployed from the cloud

FortiSandbox for Advanced Threat Protection
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FortiSandbox Cloud is a cloud-based managed option for businesses looking for a turnkey solution. It delivers the same rapid detection and automated response as the physical FortiSandbox appliance, but is accessed through the cloud, and provides unlimited flexibility to complement entry and mid-range FortiGates. 

FortiSandbox for Advanced Threat Protection

Learn how FortiSandbox delivers advanced threat protection to find and identify threats in your network quickly—detecting 99% of threats in three minutes or less.

consolidated resources

Consolidated Resources

Simplify complex security environments and disparate products that do not communicate with a unified, cloud-based platform.

Broad Integration

Broad Integration

Extend advanced threat protection to FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, FortiProxy, and FortiClient with a single click.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation

Speed mitigation by sharing real-time updates to disrupt threats at the origin without lifting a finger.


Do More with Less

Integrated advanced threat protection that quickly identify threats without a dedicated IT Security team constantly monitoring and scanning the network.

Reduce Risk

FortiSandbox is NSS Labs Recommended for breach detection and breach prevention, and ICSA Labs certified for advanced threat defense.

Get Started Fast

With just a few clicks to begin, there is no need for a time consuming, costly team to configure any hardware onsite.

How to get FortiSandbox Cloud


Buy FortiSandbox Cloud through a Fortinet partner. 


Login via the FortiGate Cloud Portal. 


Done! Your Sandbox service is now up and running. 

To access your sandbox service, log into FortiGate Cloud.

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FortiSandbox SMB Cloud Use Cases

Combat the evolving threat landscape

Protect against unknown threats such as evolving ransomware, crypto jacking, and others that leverage zero-day exploits or new malware techniques designed to bypass legacy security controls.

Seamless sandbox integration

FortiSandbox natively integrates with FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, or FortiClient, automating threat protection across network, email, web application security, and endpoint.