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FortiSandbox Cloud

Advanced threat detection simplified and deployed from the cloud

FortiSandbox for Advanced Threat Protection
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FortiSandbox Cloud is a sophisticated, sandbox software turnkey Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to protect against advanced threats and ransomware for companies who don’t want to implement and maintain a sandbox environment on their own. A dedicated sandbox instance for each company is created and delivers the same rapid threat detection and automated response as the hardware appliance. Users maintain full access to the sandbox configuration and unlimited submissions for inspection along with the flexibility to integrate with Fortinet and third-party security solutions as needed.

FortiSandbox for Advanced Threat Protection

Learn how FortiSandbox delivers advanced threat protection to find and identify threats in your network quickly—detecting 99% of threats in three minutes or less.


FortiSandbox SMB Cloud Use Cases

Combat the evolving threat landscape
Deploy sandboxing to protect against unknown threats such as evolving ransomware, crypto jacking, and others that leverage zero-day exploits or new malware techniques designed to bypass legacy security controls.

Organization deploying SD-WAN in their networks can improve their security posture further by securing against zero-day malware transmitted via internet-facing WAN links with FortiSandbox Cloud easy integration.

Automated Breach Protection
FortiSandbox natively integrates with Fortinet and non-Fortinet security solutions, automating zero-day threat protection across network, email, web application security, endpoint, and others.

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Operational Simplicity

Cloud delivered sandboxing saves time and resources in terms of provisioning, deployment, management, and maintenance of a typical sandbox appliance

PaaS Approach

Customer dedicated sandbox software instance that is completely configurable and includes MITRE ATT&CK reporting

Advanced Technology

Powered by two Machine Learning models designed to improve detection efficacy of zero-day malware


Reduce Risk

With a dedicated AI-based sandbox, it provides results in minutes and not hours which is critical in reducing the success of attacks in today’s evolving threat landscape.


As business grows due to increased traffic, users, and applications, organizations can easily scale their sandboxing capacity through the addition of sandbox VMs.

Increased Efficiency

With a few clicks, integrate sandboxing to your security infrastructure to automate breach protection without the need for a dedicated IT Security team to constantly monitor for threats.

How to get FortiSandbox Cloud


Purchase FortiSandbox Cloud through a Fortinet partner.


Login via the FortiSandbox Cloud Portal and apply the licenses.


Done! Your Sandbox service is now up and running.

To access your sandbox service, log into FortiSandbox Cloud.