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Below are answers to common questions regarding FortiSandbox and related services:

Is FortiSandbox a point only solution?

FortiSandbox supports standalone and integrated deployment model. As a standalone, FortiSandbox can sniff packets via TAP/SPAN, scan files in a repository or accept files via on-demand submission, and via ICAP/JSON API. As an integrated solution, FortiSandbox accepts submission from FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, FortiProxy, FortiADC, FortiClient and Fabric-Ready partners and shares zero-day intelligence in real-time across integrated devices for rapid mitigation.

Does FortiSandbox fit my security infrastructure?

FortiSandbox form-factors range from a managed solution, appliance, VM, and public cloud that would meet a range of requirements from SMB to large enterprise to cloud-first organizations. 

How effective is FortiSandbox against advanced threats?

FortiSandbox has garnered Recommendations from NSS Labs Breach Detection TestBreach Prevention Test, and ICSA Advanced Threat Defense.

How fast can FortiSandbox be up and running?

Users can use Fortisandbox on day one by leveraging default VMs with pre-built OS and application license. Optionally, users can build a custom VM to replicate their standard end-user profile.

How do I test drive FortiSandbox?

A self-driven FortiSandbox demo can be found here. You may also request a threat assessment (with FortiSandbox) or request a live FortiSandbox demo by contacting us here.