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Public Cloud Security

Use Case: Cloud Security Services Hub

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Unifying Multi-Cloud Protection with Fortinet Cloud Security Services Hub

Cloud environments enable developers to independently develop new applications in networks that are outside of corporate network security protection and the realm of IT control. Applying security policies consistently across the different autonomously developed applications and environments controlled by development operations (DevOps) teams is a challenging task. This problem is compounded by a lack of qualified security personnel and other resource constraints.

The Fortinet Security Fabric helps address these challenges by leveraging public cloud network characteristics. It provides consistent security by building a centralized cloud security services hub (also known as a “transit network”) that allows different application environments, typically built using different cloud virtual networks, to connect to each other and to the internet.

This approach can also securely connect other physical networks, offices, clouds, and data centers and leverage a centralized security infrastructure. A security services hub enforces security policies and provides visibility into inbound and outbound traffic between connected networks and the internet, while relieving developers of the burden of maintaining security for their applications. Learn more.    


Fortinet Shared Cloud Services Hub



Fortinet Shared Cloud Services Hub Use Case



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