Extended Security for Google Cloud Platform

  • Consistent Multi-layered security from across clouds and datacenters to GCP 
  • Seamless Security management across clouds and datacenters from GCP    
Extending Advanced Security for GCP
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Fortinet Security Fabric for Google Cloud Platform

Securing applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a shared responsibility practice. While the underlying infrastructure is secured by Google, cloud customers have the responsibility to secure data and applications they are building over the cloud infrastructure. Fortinet Security Fabric for GCP offers organizations the ability to confidently deploy applications on GCP or across multiple clouds and datacenters while maintaining a high level of security.




Features and Benefits:


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Flexible Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) licensing for scalable cloud workload deployment

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Integrated cloud security competency with top-rated protection, tested by NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, and AV-Comparatives

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Cloud-ready, multilayered, and virtual domain (vDOM) support for granular security function segmentation

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Actionable instant reports to understand targeted attacks and meet compliance regulations

Fortinet Security Fabric supports these use cases for Google Cloud Platform security:

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Services Hub

Organizations leverage the elasticity, availability and scalability of GCP to centralize security services into an autonomous services hub serving a variety of business needs.

  • All sites, clouds and departments connect to services hub
  • Multi-layered security offered from the cloud
  • Security services scale as needed (resources used on demand)
  • Cloud security management infrastructure is globally available and scalable
Advanced application protection

Remote Access VPN

Organizations leverage the global presence of GCP infrastructures to uniformly provide remote access to their employees and partners

  • Users connect to any organizational resources via cloud SSL VPN Termination points
  • SaaS Application Access is brokered by FortiCASB
  • SSL VPN Termination points available worldwide on demand
  • SSL Termination points connect to other clouds, datacenters or locations over IPSec VPN tunnels
Secure Access VPN

Hybrid Cloud

Organizations leverage GCP as an additional infrastructure to develop and deliver IT solutions to their business alongside with their private datacenters.

  • IPSec tunnel across datacenters and clouds
  • Interoperable with GCP Cloud VPN Gateway
  • Consistent security policies across infrastructures
  • Central management across clouds with management HA
Securing Office 365

Advanced Web Application Protection

Increased confidence for organizations to deploy sensitive web applications over GCP. Supports the ability to comply with regulation and patch applications on the fly.

  • FortiGate advanced threat protection in conjunction with FortiWeb
  • Potential Integration with FortiSandbox Cloud
  • Central Management via FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer
Cloud Services Hub

Security Management from the Cloud

Organization can leverage cloud provider global availability and googles global network to deploy security management across multiple cloud regions and leverage cloud storage for logs.

  • Cloud based management to manage global information security infrastructure
  • Single point to view worldwide security events and take action
  • Security management is always close to the manager

Featured Products on Google Cloud Platform:

Fortinet offers its industry leading series of network security products over the Google Cloud Platform enabling customers advanced security protection for their cloud based infrastructure and applications. Following is a list of products that can be purchased directly from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.