Email Security

Protect Users and Data from Theft or Loss

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Email Security

A secure email gateway (SEG) is designed to block ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats seeking entry via incoming email, while ensuring that outgoing messages don’t improperly leak sensitive data. These are critical capabilities given that (according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report) two-thirds of malware was installed via email attachments. Email was also the most common entry point for ransomware, costing organizations an estimated $850 million last year. SEGs also help ensure compliance with a wide range of data privacy regulations and corporate mandates to protect intellectual property.

While traditionally deployed as software on-premises and more recently as an easier-to-manage physical appliance, one of the fastest-growing preferences is to select a SEG as a cloud service. This could be a SaaS offering managed by an expert security vendor or as a public cloud service that offers cloud scalability with the policy control of a virtual appliance.

Implementing a top-rated secure email gateway that includes integrated data protection features is a critical requirement to securing your organization and its information.

Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet Email Security includes:

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Consistently demonstrated 99%+ antispam effectiveness to save employee time

icon vulnerability

Top-rated anti-malware protection (including sandboxing) to stop ransomware, phishing, and other email attacks

icon benefits secure authentication

Robust data leak prevention features, including predefined dictionaries, identifiers, and digital fingerprinting to simplify compliance with privacy regulations

identify users icon

Identity-based encryption to securely deliver messages containing sensitive data

Compliance icon

Integrated email archiving to meet legal and regulatory retention requirements as well as e-discovery

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Available as high-performance physical or virtual appliances, as well as SaaS, to affordably meet the needs of every customer



FortiMail Physical and Virtual Appliances

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FortiMail Cloud

FortiMail Cloud

Comprehensive Email Security from the Cloud

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