360 Protection Bundle Services

FortiConverter Icon

FortiConverter Service

FortiConverter provides an easy way to migrate your legacy firewall configurations and policies to FortiGate-based policies, and adopt more business-outcome-based rules.

FortiManager Cloud

FortiManager Cloud

Simplify zero-touch provisioning and management with a rich set of tools to centrally manage any number of devices from a single console with role-based access controls, central configuration management, change management, and best practices compliance.

FortiAnalyzer Cloud

FortiAnalyzer Cloud

FortiAnalyzer Cloud enables customers to identify real-time operational anomalies in your network.

SD-WAN Cloud Assisted Monitoring

SD-WAN Cloud Assisted Monitoring

SD-WAN cloud assisted monitoring helps cloud-based SD-WAN bandwidth and quality monitoring service.

SD-WAN Overlay Controller VPN

SD-WAN Overlay Controller VPN

SD-WAN overlay controller VPN is a cloud-based service that enables simplified overlay orchestration.

FG Antivirus


FortiGuard 反病毒可阻断最新病毒、间谍软件以及其他内容层面的威胁。它采用行业领先的高级检测引擎来阻止不断变化的新威胁在您的网络中获得据点、访问网络中宝贵的内容。

FG AntiSpam


FortiGuard Antispam(反垃圾邮件)可提供一种全面且多层次的方法对组织处理的垃圾邮件进行检测、过滤。双路径检测技术可以显著地减少边界垃圾邮件数量,给您一个无与伦比的邮件攻击控制与感染控制体验。

FG Application Control


可对您的用户正在运行的应用程序获得无可比拟的实时可见性,并轻松执行您可接受的使用策略,从而提供安全性并满足合规要求。通过 FortiGuard 应用控制,您可以快速创建策略来允许、拒绝或限制对应用程序或整个类别的应用程序的访问。

Product Category Thumb SS security audit

Content Disarm & Reconstruction

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) strips all active content from files in real-time, creating a flat sanitized file. All active content is treated as suspect and removed. CDR processes all incoming files, deconstructs them, and removes all elements that do not match firewall policies.

FG DB Protection

Database Security

FortiGuard Database Security offers centrally-managed, enterprise-scale database protection. Automated content updates provide the latest pre-configured policies that cover known exploits, configuration weaknesses, OS issues, operational risks, data access privileges, and industry/regulatory best practices. Streamlined management tools make it easy for administrators to verify that databases conform to corporate standard configurations, implement tests for custom applications, and conduct extended penetration testing when required.

icon product menu cloud access security broker


FortiCASB 是云访问安全代理 (CASB) 服务,可针对组织使用的云服务提供可见性、合规性、数据安全和威胁防御。FortiCASB 支持众多主流 SaaS 服务提供商,通过全面的报告工具提供关于用户、行为和云端存储的数据的分析结果。

Icon cloudsandbox

FortiSandbox 云

FortiSandbox 云服务是一个高级威胁检测解决方案,能够执行动态分析来提前识别未知的恶意软件。FortiSandbox 云生成的可执行威胁情报会反馈到防火墙网络安全策略配置中,进行威胁阻断。

Industrial Control systems icon


FortiGuard Industrial Security Service(工业安全服务)会持续更新签名,以识别和监控大多数常见的 ICS/SCADA (监控和数据采集)协议,以实现精细可见化和精细控制。另外还对主要 ICS 制造商的应用和设备提供漏洞保护。

FG Intrusion Prevention


FortiGuard IPS 通过检测威胁并在威胁侵入到网络设备前对此阻断,以此抵御最新的网络入侵。

FG AntiBotnet

IP 信誉 & 反僵尸安全服务

FortiGuard IP 信誉服务从 Fortinet 分布式威胁传感器网络、CERT、MITRE、进行合作的竞争对手以及其他全球资源收集恶意来源 IP 数据,合力提供关于敌对来源的最新威胁情报。有来自分布式网络网关近乎实时的情报,再结合 FortiGuard Labs 的世界级研究,组织可得到更安全的保护并对攻击实施主动拦截。

FG Mobile Security


Fortinet 的移动安全服务能有效防御以移动设备为目标的最新威胁。它采用行业领先的高级检测引擎来阻止不断变化的新威胁在您的网络中获得据点、访问网络中宝贵的信息。

Security Rating Service icon


安全审计更新服务旨在引导客户设计、实现并持续维护适合其组织的目标 Security Fabric 安全架构安全状态。Security Fabric 安全架构从根本上是构建于最佳安全实践之上,通过运行这些审计检查,安全团队将能够识别 Security Fabric 安全架构设置中的关键漏洞和配置弱点,并实施最佳实践建议。

Product Category Thumb SS virus outbreak

Virus Outbreak Protection Service

FortiGuard Virus Outbreak Protection Service (VOS) closes the gap between antivirus updates with FortiCloud Sandbox analysis to detect and stop malware threats discovered between signature updates before they can spread throughout an organization. OS initiates a real-time look-up to our Global Threat Intelligence database.

FG Web Filtering