Connected UTM: Optimizing Your SMB Network

SMB networks, including those in retail, health care, or financial services, often share the common characteristics of complexity and inefficiency.

This complexity is from adding stand-alone technologies over time to meet new threats or satisfy new business requirements. We'll be discussing how Fortinet¹s Connected UTM solution allows you to consolidate and simplify your network while increasing protection and performance.

In fact, Fortinet was just awarded SC Magazine's Best Buy, 5 Star and Pick of the Litter for FortiGate-140D-POE network security appliance with a final verdict of "excellent, cost-effective SMB product with fine performance, ease of use and appropriate feature set. We make this our Best Buy."

Join us and you'll learn
1) what security technologies your peers are investing in, for 2014
2) how to turn your network security into a competitive advantage and
3) how to simplify your network and improve your ability to achieve regulatory compliance

Presenter: Patrick Bedwell, VP of Product Marketing at Fortinet