FortiSandbox: The Almost Human Line Of Defense

If there is one thing hackers are after, it is, well everything! Your data, your customers data, the very lifeblood of your business and those you associate with. Advanced Persistent Threats, or APT’s, are constantly being adapted to get into your environments. That is where the FortiSandBox, or FSA, stands out among the competition. A comprehensive strategy for the Enterprise, MSSP, and SMB business requirements alike, FSA combines multiple appliance capabilities into a single form factor making integration and configuration easy and effective.

Fortinet is proud to present FortiSandBox: The Almost Human Line of Defense, a deep dive into the very best way to protect your organization, your partners and your customers from APT’s.

  • Learn how the FortiSandbox can scan file shares on Linux or Windows operating systems and sniff the wire @10GB for real-time protection
  • Discover the simplicity of integrating other Fortinet productions like NGFW, FortiMail and most SIEMS into the solution
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing your always on network is constantly being monitored and properly looking at every access point for what is malicious, what is suspicious and what is allowed access

Join Paul Bowen, architect for advanced threat solutions at Fortinet, and discover why FortiSandbox is the APT’s worst nightmare and your best friend.