Essential Security Trends, Predictions and Recommendations from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs

With a continued stream of high profile data breaches as a result of Cyber attacks throughout the first half of 2014, Fortinet’s midyear threat report from FortiGuard Labs shines a light on the latest trends that enterprise security professionals need to know.

Join FortiGuard Labs’, Senior Security Strategist, Richard Henderson as he discusses topics like:

  • Which threat classes are on the rise, and which on the wane
  • The latest botnet/command & control channels to be sure are on your block list and
  • Early indications of what and where Cybercriminals may focus on next

Richard provides additional color behind key findings from the midyear report as well as best practice recommendations to be sure are in place. Register now to hear directly from FortiGuard Labs.

Speaker: Richard Henderson, Sr. Security Strategist